Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Australian pony facts

The Australian Pony is a breed of pony that developed in Australia. It was greatly influenced by the native British breeds, especially the Welsh pony, as well as some Arabian bloodlines.The Australian pony has a excellent temperament.The neck is relatively short but well-set and nicely rounded, the shoulders slope well back and the hindquarters are well rounded and proportioned. The tail should be well set on and gaily carried. The chest is deep, the barrel is round. The legs are short and strong, with flat, dense bone.

The overall impression is a very attractive pony showing quality. Most representatives on the breed are grey, although they may be any color.

Since the continent had no native horses or ponies prior to the arrival of European explorers and settlers, all equidar that now live there are from imported stock. Nine horses first arrived in Australia in 1788 in the first fleet from South Africa. In 1803, the first timer ponies arrived from Indonesia and provided the foundation stock for the breed. The Australian Pony also had later influence from the Welsh Mountain PonyHackney ponyArabianShetland Pony,Highland PonyConnemara PonyExmoor Pony, and from small Thoroughbreds.By 1920, a distinct type of pony had emerged in Australia, and in 1931, the first Australian pony stud book, the Australian Pony Stud Book Society, was formed. The Australian Pony section of the stud book incorporated all of the mountain and moorland pony breeds that had been imported from the turn of the 20th century as well as the pony breeds which had been developed in Australia.

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