Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Field Spaniel

The Field Spaniel is a moderately-sized dog that has a heavier and longer build than a Cocker Spaniel. Since it has a rich and lustrous coat, this dog breed is commonly used as a show dog and has one of the sweetest and mild-mannered personalities. Its coat is silky and generally solid in color. Some breeds have tan and speckled markings, while others have spots of white on the chest. The silky coat is usually either liver-colored or all black. 

The Field Spaniel's coat is usually feathered but never curly. These dogs have regular-sized muzzles, and large noses with open nostrils. A gentle but noble expression is common for this breed, and almond-shaped eyes in hazel or chestnut brown are signature traits. The face is lean, thin, and attractive; this is an important feature for show dogs and makes the Field Spaniel especially desirable. The eyes are not too full, and may be nearly black. They often have a grave expression that further emphasizes their natural docility. Ears are usually set low which adds to the beauty of the head. They have natural Setter-like feather that makes the head and neck area especially attractive. The neck is usually strong, muscular, and lean; these dogs stand tall and confdient, and have moderatealy long, fringed ears. The tail is usually docked and tucked under. The body is long and very low, and a well-ribbed dog will stand straight or slightly arched. 

Field spaniels are natural sporting dogs and are capable of creating a very beautiful and useful stage presence. 

Trianing the field spaniel can take time but the effort is worthwile; this breed makes an excellent show dog and is easily trainable after only a few sessions. After initial bonding time with the owner, a Field Spaniel becomes especially loyal and can be a great companion dog as well. Its mild manners and even temperament make it suitable for a variety of households, families, and owners
The Field Spaniel is best suited for a house or larger living space simply because they need to run about in a yard or fenced in area. They are not well suited for apartment homes or smaller dwellings since they can become neurotic and temperamental if they do not have enough space. These dogs still have roots in natural hunting environments, and it is important that they are not let out of sight on a regular basis. A fenced-in property is the safest place for these dogs to roam and run in, as they are likely to simply follow a scent if they are left unattended. This breed prefers cooler climates and will exhibit neurotic behavior if it is simply locked away.
The Field Spaniel has a thin and glossy coat can be speckled or just plain tan with white spots. The coat is of moderate length and can be flat or slightly wavy. This breed is highly weather resistant, and thus prefers cooler climates and even wet weather. The most common coat is black, but some coats may also be mahogany red, golden liver, or plain liver in color. White in the chest area is also fairly common.
4 - 8 puppies with the average being 6 puppies.The life span of a field spaniel is 10-12 years.
The Field Spaniel is incredibly docile, calm, but also independent in nature. These dogs are smart, intelligent, and playful; they are also very active and can be full of energy. They make excellent family pets because of their drive to please and friendly nature, and they are especially good with young children because of their soft and docile presence. It is important that this breed is socialized well so that they do not become too timid; this is a natural trait and they can be very friendly and sociable once they break out of their comfort zone. If the dog is under socialized in early years, it will be much less likely to interact with strangers.

Field spaniels enjoy roaming and exploring, and are often involved with playing and activities. If play becomes too rough, however, they may become timid, withdrawn, and unsociable. It is important to monitor them in their early years so that they do not become temperamental in new situations. Tehse dogs have a tendency to become stubborn, but they are calm and placid overall. They become very happy when they have an activity to do or a project to complete; they are quick learners and will pay attention to direction and the owner's voice. Training the Field Spaniel is relatively easy and they are very sensitive to voice, tone, and manners. It is important to be direct and not too harsh with these dogs as they will pick up any nuances and behaviors immediately. A tough approach will likely disturb them and may result in reluctant behavior traits.

The Field Spaniel is famous for becoming devoted to only one family member and ignoring other parties as a result. They can become neurotic if they are locked away in a kennel, and need regular contact with a variety of people. These dogs are very trustworthy, dependable, and loyal. They can be very affectionate and loving, and become excellent family dogs over the long term. The Field Spaniel matures at an average rate, and is a quick learner and eager to grow by learning new skills.

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