Saturday, December 14, 2013

Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk terrier was raised to be a working dog. The breed, small enough to chase down even smaller vermin, is efficiently stocky enough to hold its own. A mere 10 to 12 inches (or approximately 25 centimeters) at the shoulder, its petite stature allowed for getting into and under the smallest of spaces, including burrows when necessary.Males and females are of comparable size and stature, with females weighing only slightly less than males. No longer used for its original purpose, the dog makes a perfect small sized pet for homes with a limited amount of space.

The wiry, waterproof coat of the Norfolk terrier comes in colors such as wheaten, black, red or grizzle and actually consists of two layers. A soft protective coating underneath becomes the hard, straight hair of the outer layer. The head, as well as the perky folded ears, have short hair that is smooth and gives way to expressive intelligent brown eyes. The ears are folded over and carried forward, giving a curious and intelligent expression to the fox-like face of the Norfolk. The terrier has noticeable whiskers and eyebrows that add to the various expressions this breed will exhibit. They have a sturdy looking body and well developed legs, making them solid little dogs rather than delicate in appearance.The coat of the Norfolk Terrier is coarse, and waterproof on the outside and dense and thick on the inner layer. The topcoat is very resistant to moisture as well as helps to protect the dog when going through dense brush or vegetation.

The Norfolk terrier, like its close relative the Norwich terrier, were bred for hunting rats and other vermin in farm areas and urban centers.The Norfolk was used as a fox bolting dog, trained to go into the caves and dens where foxes would hide during a hunt to get them back out into the chase.They are avid hunters and chasers. The Norfolk terrier loves to play fetch and chase after small objects.The Norfolk terrier is a remarkable breed of dog that enjoys a high level of exercise but can also tolerate a day or two of relaxation every now and again.They are eager to go out for a walk, run or a ride in the car to the park or for a hike. Many owners of Norfolk terriers enter these small dogs in various types of events as a form of both mental and physical exercise for the dogs. Two such events are flat racing and flyball.

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